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Getting a great deal on a home loan doesn’t have to be complicated or hard work. At Freehold Express we make the process simple.

We listen to what you want from life and then work with our lenders to put together a great solution that will enable you achieve your goals

AND talking to a Freehold Express Mortgages team member won’t cost you anything


Our motivation is simple.

To provide 100% independent and impartial advice to help borrowers get the right solution for them.



We work with over 32 lenders which means we can offer more options than many other brokers in New Zealand.

With 32 lenders at our disposal we can find the right fit for borrowers and their life style

We invest heavily in our systems and allow our superior technology to cut through the complexity to deliver the simplicity needed to ensure our clients achieve their goals.

Over 15 years’ experience has gone into developing the Freehold Express Program which allows you to do everything online from the comfort of your home.




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We understand that in the fast paced environment we live in, mortgages can be very complex and confusing.

We are all bombarded daily with reports and advice ads detailing the 100’s of options available– so how do you know which loan is best for you and how it should be structured and paid?

It may all seem like much of a muchness when you look at the advice out there about the best way to structure a loan and pay if off but if it’s not right you, you could be paying tend of thousands of dollars in unnecessary interest and adding many years to your mortgage while being completely oblivious to it all.

That’s why around a third of Kiwi borrowers will still have a mortgage at age 65.

That's where Freehold Express comes in.

It's our job to fully understand mortgages and all their complexities, so we can tailor your mortgage to suit you and your individual financial circumstances.

We have

The right team

The right experience

The right systems

To get you the right results!

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Since September 2008 I've shown my clients how to save
    in interest.

    Heres how my last 670 clients recently rated our training out of ten after I changed their thinking: 9.97

    9.85 / 10

    Dennis is trusted by the 29 lender partners that he is accredited with.

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    What People Are Saying About Working With Freehold Express



    Anya & Ben

    Anya & Ben had 28 years to go on their mortgage when Freehold Express showed them how to pay their mortgage off in 7 years and save $178,000 in interest. After only 3 months with Freehold Express Anya and Ben learned they were on track to pay their mortgage off in only 4 Years. Anya and Ben have since built their dream home which Freehold Express swiftly turned into a reality for them. Thanks to Freehold Express Anya & Ben were able to keep their original home as a rental property. Anya worked for Gareth Morgan Investments now trading as Kiwi Wealth so she was already pretty good with money or so she thought. Anya now freely admits that she was doing it all wrong, she was doing it her lenders way, which is a darned hard way to pay a mortgage!

    Anya can be contacted on: 0274 669 070 Email:

    Anne Chambers

    After three years with Freehold Express Anne is on target to save $195,000 in interest payments and take 17 years off the term of her mortgage.

    I was recommended to Freehold Express by a friend. At the time my mortgage was $234,121 and I had 29 years to go.

    Since coming on board with Freehold Express I have purchased a second rental property. I have been given the freedom to know that I will pay my mortgage off 17 years sooner than the way the bank had set my mortgage up.

    I plan to semi-retire when I am about 55 and this is now going to be possible since becoming a client of Freehold Express’.

    You don’t even have to do anything differently to keep the plan running; it is so easy.

    Working with Freehold Express I have received professional service and regular updates as required.

    I would recommend putting a Freehold Express plan in place.

    Jonathon Nyman

    I showed Jonathon how to save 14 years off his 22 year mortgage of $275,000. He planned to pay his mortgage off in August 2018.

    Jonathon thinks that he would’ve paid his mortgage off in less than five years if he hadn't purchased 2 rental properties, renovated his home and bought a couple of motorbikes.

    He is about to purchase his third rental property and will swiftly pay off the remaining $15,000 mortgage on his own home.

    Jonathan saved well in excess of $137,547 in interest and all of this was done in only 7 years and 8 months.

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