1. Do I have to change banks to put a robust debt reduction plan in place?

No. You can stay with your existing lender.

2. Does it matter if I am on a fixed interest rate now?

No. Most of our clients are already on a fixed interest rate when they join us. A fixed interest rate doesn't stop you from putting a plan in place as there’s much that can be done right now.

3. Do I have to increase my weekly, fortnightly or monthly mortgage repayments?

No. We prefer that you maintain your existing lifestyle.

4. Can my lender or mortgage broker set up a robust debt reduction plan for me?

No. If they could, wouldn’t they have already done this for you? The reason that they haven’t is because they are financially incentivised to keep you as a client for as long as possible....... so why would they? This is notwithstanding the fact that they don't have the software, systems, tools or expertise to do so.

5. Do I have to pay a break free?

No. We don’t want our clients to pay any unnecessary costs.

6. Is it revolving credit?

Many of our clients have revolving credit facilities or mortgage interest off-set accounts in place when we first meet them. They are usually no closer to paying their mortgage off than they are flying to the moon, which is why they become our clients. Depending on the client’s circumstances and preferences, a revolving credit facility may, or may not be, one of the many strategies incorporated into their Freehold Express Plan.

7. Does this involve someone having access to my money?     

No. Nobody else ever has access to your money or your bank accounts

8. Does this have anything to do with investment property or any other investments?

No. Your money stays in your bank account, at your current bank, and under your control at all times.

9. Does this involve a credit card?

No. The results that we produce have nothing to do with using a credit card.

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