About Dennis Stevenson

Dennis first started mortgage debt reduction planning in 1988 when he targeted Trustbank clients who had been sold reducing mortgages. These reducing mortgages were heavily weighted in the lenders favour.

Back in the late 1980’s the only tool at Dennis’ disposal was a scientific calculator which had a program specifically written for his debt reduction planning. Since then, Dennis has had several successful businesses and at peak, Dennis employed more than 70 staff.

Dennis started trading as Freehold Express Limited in 2008. Since then, there has been a continual development and evolution of debt reduction strategies, processes, and the unique mortgage planning software. This software is available online to Freehold Express Plan clients so clients can make fully informed financial decisions and understand the impact on their mortgage.

Dennis believes that if you want something, find someone who is an expert in that field, and then educate yourself so that you can make informed decisions.

Dennis allows numbers to walk the talk. The fact is; 2+2 will always equal 4, day in and day out. In most cases, your numbers will clearly show you that you don’t need to pay for your home two to three times over in unnecessary interest while you maintain your existing lifestyle.

If you read our client testimonials, you will see for yourself that Freehold Express has a very long proven history of delivering exceptional client outcomes which were often initially considered too good to be true. See how many clients have easily beaten their original results.

PS: Dennis paid off his first mortgage in less than four years!


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The Mortgage Game The Model

If you’re like everyone who I work with then you’ll want a proven mortgage debt reduction model created specifically for borrowers by a mortgage debt reduction specialist.

The Mortgage Game® Interactive Model is just that, a proven eight part model that reveals each step on the path to paying your mortgage off faster than you ever imagined possible while you keep your existing lifestyle.

When you pop your details into the form below I’ll send you an email within a couple of minutes with the Model attached so you can begin to see why The Mortgage Game® is so powerful and so unique.

Dennis Stevenson

Dennis talks first hand about Freehold Express and how their debt reduction strategies can help homeowners to become mortgage free faster than they could have ever imagined. 
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