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Since September 2008 we have shown our clients how to save $89,773,532 in interest.

Heres how our last 89 clients rated our training out of ten after we changed their thinking: 9.77

If its results that you want, check out our client testimonials which confirm that we deliver;
  • Faster results
  • Measurable results
  • Significantly better results than before
  • Customised plans specific to your financial circumstances
  • Excellent training so anyone can easily impliment their plan
With our help, its easier to achieve than what you think!

Click here to order your free copy of the Mortgage Game.

The Mortgage Game is a free guide on mortgage debt reduction planning written by Dennis Stevenson. Here is what you will learn if you register for a free copy:
  • How to pay your mortgage off in up to half the time.
  • 6 Secrets that lenders don't want you to know.
  • The best ever mortgage reduction strategy.
  • 10 things a robust mortgage reduction plan must have.

Freehold Express’ core activity is debt reduction planning & implementation. No matter how well you think that your mortgage is set up, in our experience your mortgage is most likely to be costing you much more than it needs to.

The Mortgage Game

Borrowers have gradually become conditioned by the lenders to simply accept the fact that they will pay for their home two to three times over, after all, there is no other way is there? Be assured that it is entirely unnecessary to pay this much.

Provided that you fall within our client criteria, Freehold Express may be able to save you tens of thousands of dollars in interest and we could be able to reduce the remaining term of your mortgage by up to half.

We suggest you start your journey to become mortgage free by requesting our free guide, The Mortgage Game, and also take the 3 easy steps on this website to determine just how much we can help you save.

Hear Our Client's Success Story

Steve actually beat his Freehold Express Plan and paid off his 24 year mortgage in less than 5 years and saved over $130,000 in interest.

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